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Created on the foundation of local heroes. Our premise is to offer Idaho residents an in-depth and personal understanding of those working to make their surrounding communities a better place.


What’s Your Why Idaho will showcase unique and charitable acts of service between non-profits, local businesses, and fundraisers.


Meet the team

Madison Farrell


Carly Ebel

My name is Carly Ebel and I am sister to What's Your Why founder Madison Farrell. It has been a life long dream of mine to work with my sister and to get involved with the amazing Treasure Valley community.

why for this platform is to highlight local organizations that sometimes do not get the recognition they truly deserve and to offer more awareness for nonprofits yearly goals. I truly have a passion for helping others and am so excited to meet amazing people in our community, get involved, and see where this platform takes us. 


A sincere thank you to our corporate sponsor

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