What's Your Why Idaho... 

...is created on the foundation of local heroes. Our premise is to offer Idaho residents an in-depth and personal understanding of those working to make their surrounding communities a better place.


What’s Your Why Idaho will showcase unique and charitable acts of service between non-profits, local businesses, and fundraisers.

Meet the Team

Madison Farrell

Hello, my name is Madison! 

I was born in Oregon, raised in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, and then found myself moving to southern Idaho back in 2014 when I played college volleyball at Northwest Nazarene University!

After graduating in 2018, I decided to play professional volleyball in Germany. Where I lived for a little over 8 months! Fast forward to today, I am pursuing other interests and trying to navigate the waters post-athletics. 

What's Your Why Idaho started when I noticed a lack of media awareness centered around non-profits. I knew there was opportunity in this industry, but wanted to take a unique approach.

This platform is founded on the principles of community, helping those in needs, and ultimately sharing the personal testimonies of local heroes. 


If you or someone you know would like to share their story and highlight a non-profit organization, please contact us! 



Kylie Canaday

Hi there!
My name is Kylie Canaday I was born and raised in Eugene Oregon!


Despite the lush forrests that cover the state of Oregon and the many, many rainy days that maintain such forrests, I ventured off to the state of Idaho in 2014. I fell in love with the hot summers, the cold winters, and the cool and crisp spring/fall days. I soon became a Boise State alumni and  have been living in Boise ever since.


My why for creating the platform What's Your Why Idaho was to share stories of hardworking people, who do more for others than themselves. To recognize the efforts, and their personal exploration in order to get where they are. I know Idaho, and the cities that are solidified within this great state are full of amazing people. I want that to be known everywhere.

A sincere thank you to our corporate sponsor

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