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Passion Vs. Practicality

Passion vs. Practicality. Why does this seem like such an impossible balance for so many of us? We all have ways we like to spend our free time and then we usually have our separate skills that transfer over to our day-to-day job. The idea of having the best of both worlds for a career can seem so far off at times. For Kinslie and Collin Hartman, they have been able to incorporate both passion and practicality into their business model for the Treasure Valley Athletic Center. The dream behind the facility was first started by a young Collin Hartman who was faced with the question “what’s next?” during his second year of grad school. With a strong history of involvement in local community youth programs, such as Youth With A Mission and having coached at every level of volleyball, Collin knew he was in a special position to plant his roots

As the founder of What’s Your Why Idaho, Kinslie and Collin Hartman are a very special couple to me. I had the privilege of being coached by them during various years of my volleyball career at Northwest Nazarene University, and got to witness their paths cross into this amazing journey. At that time she was Kinslie TeKolste, and in 2017 she hopped in her Honda to make the trek from Lincoln, Nebraska to Nampa, Idaho. With over ten years of playing and coaching experience, Kinslie has always been drawn to the sports atmosphere.

Once she finished her graduate assistant position at NNU, she landed the Director of Operations position for the Brigham Young University women's volleyball team. This experience has translated seamlessly over to her work for TVAC and this facility has become a version of her own dreams as well. When asked for some of the greatest advice she received as a young athlete, she said “There is always someone out there that’s better than you and working harder than you-- this was something that motivated me in sports and in life. Not in order to be the best but to become MY best. It humbled me in my small world that I wasn’t always the best one out there. Made myself feel small to keep working hard.”

After tying the knot in December 2020, the Hartmans found themselves embarking on a new adventure, but this time as business owners. There have been several times that they can attest to faith over fear being what carried them through the roadblocks. For any entrepreneur it can be an intimidating journey where you are faced with a lot of unknowns and insecurity. Half of the questions you're faced with on a daily basis weren't taught to you in school, so it’s important to establish the proper support around you. The Treasure Valley Athletic Center has many moving parts for their sports programs. With adult and youth leagues, TVAC Kids, and IdahoOne Volleyball Club, there is a place for everyone at their facility.

In order to maintain some of their automatic success and work through the unanticipated obstacles, Kinslie and Collin have had to reflect on their own strengths and values in order to find the right approach. Using their strengths to serve their local community for the better is their ultimate why and helps keep them grounded in their day-to-day work. For Kinslie, she has been more so the anchor of the business and handles the behind the scenes work, while Collin is the communicative visionary. They have both been able to find their balance and bring to fruition an amazing place for so many to enjoy.

When asking the Hartman’s for their advice to young business owners, they answered with “sleep while you can, but ultimately don’t expect instant success and don’t get discouraged”. Patience is such a remarkable virtue, especially in our world today. Although there have been plenty of challenges along the way, Kinslie and Collin can attribute their athletic center’s continued success to the amazing team they have around them and taking it one day at a time. It’s been all-hands-on-deck from youth league coaches, marketing, and even just spreading the word. They couldn’t be more thankful for the support they’ve received in just the first year of their facility being open, and with a growing staff and community of supporters, the Hartmans are on their way to making a lasting impact on the Treasure Valley.

As a parent, it can be overwhelming trying to choose which youth league or camp is the best option. With so many choices, how do you find one that sets your child up for a fun yet safe environment? The people behind the programs can be what makes or break a young athlete's experience, so it’s key to keep that in mind when selecting where to send your child. Whether it’s a TVAC Kids camp or the 5am pickleball tournaments, you can trust that the people surrounding your loved ones are the best of the best at TVAC. From coaches to administration, they are equipped with not only some of the most experienced coaches in the valley, but more importantly, they have the mindset to help shape not just the athlete but the whole person. “Train With Vision, Act With Compassion” is their mission statement, and has set the tone from the beginning for whoever steps in their gym.

If you would like more information on TVAC adult leagues, TVAC Kids, or their Idaho One Club volleyball program, visit

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